Cl series HouseCall professional certification - super carpet

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Cl series HouseCall professional certification - super carpet

HouseCall ProI'm Mitch, I am the president and owner ofHyper Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis Missouri.So one of the things that set us apart inthe carpet cleaning industry is that we havea five star core value system.We go by super service, attention to detail,trust, communication, and reliability, andwe believe that going into a customer's house.

If we don't make you laugh we didn't do ourjob.Every single customer is a cheerleader andevery single customer is laughing.The HouseCall Pro system is a very importantpart of our business.We've only been open for about eight monthsand I think we took on HouseCall Pro aroundmonth 3 and it has simplified my life personally.HouseCall Pro saves me at least 15 hours aweek if not a million.

When a technician is en-route it says 'onmy way' on the app.It sends the customer a text message so theycan get ready, they know you're about 30 minutesout.The cool thing about it is that it links withmaps so you can directly from your phone pushit and go to your job.It will show you a picture of the house soyou know what you are looking for and youarrive and they are already ready for you.They're waiting for you with cookies and milk .

The thing I like about HouseCall Pro is thatit makes doing the job so much easier.So we create customized list for our companywhich has everything in detail, the pricing,and all the services we offer.It's all right there inside the app.You can put in customer notes that the customercan't see.

The one really cool thing that I like aboutit is that the terms and conditions are there.The customer signs off after each job.A good feature that HouseCall Pro offers isthe marketing department.I'm all over the email one, especially forresidential,, it's awesome.But what I find, because we do a lot morecommercial is that I find it's universal.It can be used both in residential and commercial.We come, we clean, we leave.HouseCall Pro sends another email with aninvoice.Carpet Cleaning

They pay, we are done.I have customer i've had for eight monthsthat I never even talked to.HouseCall Pro is incredibly easy to use, evenfor people that don't know how to use technology.If you know how to use a phone you can useHouseCall Pro.If you're an owner/operator this is a perfectsystem for you.If you had a hundred employees this is a perfectsystem for you.I mean its just an all around good system.It makes everything simpler.I mean, fifteen trees we're saving right here,right now, that we are saving by not usingpaper.

So I was using carbon copy before I did this,I mean, dude, and it was like two hundredand fifty bucks to get like a hundred copyprints.I mean, HouseCall Pro is not even a quarterof that a month, you know so I mean you aresaving, I saving a ton of money just by notbuying paper.

And plus the marketing is constantly keepingme in the back of the customer's head withgood tips every quarter, and every six months,you know reminding them that yea we do furniture,yea we do air ducts and we've got a specialannouncement we can add that to them too ifwe add a new service.If you're not using HouseCall Pro, you arelosing.Its that simple.I mean if you need a good software and yougot a phone, and you got a business, you'recheating yourself.

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