Machining process: common processing equipment and the respective characteristics of the parts

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Machining process: common processing equipment and the respective characteristics of the parts

Parts are designed to be processed and manufactured, and ultimately assembled to achieve the function of the device, thus forming a design function, of course, any slightly more complex products and equipment, will involve a variety of process processing, so to speak, the slightest error will cause a far cry from the results.

In the end, all the processes come down to materials and processing, materials we will take time to say later, today's focus on processing, processing before writing some related articles, are written on one of them, today on the processing of a variety of commonly used machine tools and performance to give you a science.

The equipment used in processing (usually called the workhorse) are: milling machine (milling machine and divided into vertical milling, turret milling, etc.), lathe, drilling machine, grinding machine (divided into external grinding, internal grinding, flat grinding, etc.), punching machine, CNC (milling), planer, boring machine, inserting machine, sawing machine, CNC (car) also called computer gongs, wire cutter, spark machine, etc..

What kind of machine tool is selected, is based on the product, the functional requirements of the part, set out a reasonable processing process, according to the processing process to choose the appropriate processing equipment. Of course, these are designed by the designer based on the product, the work requirements of the parts, and marked out the corresponding tolerances, and out of the chart, first under the rough material, and then rough machining, after the need for heat treatment, before entering the finishing process.

The actual processing, in order to meet the processing process requirements, but also use the following processing equipment, such as material heat treatment vacuum furnace, processing deep holes with deep hole drilling, engraving machine, marking with laser marking machine, chamfering machine, grinding tool grinding machine and grinding machine, there is the measurement of the size of the part with three coordinates.

As an example, a part of the material used for DC53, material hardware requirements HRC56-58, in this part processing, the processing process to be used are: milling machine - heat treatment - grinding machine - CNC milling machine - punching - wire cutting - spark machine - saving light; such as parts to be engraved on the part of the word mold number or material font, but also engraving processing, and then marking after completion.

Reasonable choice of processing process is a lot of benefits, in the nadir time, to complete the parts processing requirements at the lowest cost; now, many 3C industry within the equipment, because of the rapid renewal, nadir requirements are increasingly short, and in order to complete the parts on schedule nadir, can only choose the fastest processing process regardless of cost, therefore increasing the cost of parts processing.

Only if you are familiar with the processing range and processing accuracy of various machine tools, you can choose a reasonable processing process according to different requirements; as the follow-up personnel of project management, only if you have a complete and clear understanding of the processing range and capability of the processing machine tools, you can better evaluate the structure and processing progress of the parts.

So most of the company's project management staff, are experienced in the design position and processing of the various craft work inculcated, not only to take care of the overall device performance and parts of the work indicators, but also to take care of the processing costs and the difficulty of the processing process and the hard indicators of the equipment, reasonable arrangements, take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses, the precision of the place is never sloppy, the coarse mine also party also never when the time and effort.

Processing is still only a link, usually test the processing ability of the standard is the clamp assembly, is a mule is a horse, take it over and install it, you can see the real chapter.

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