Which industries will benefit from the promulgation of the top-level data economy plan?

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Which industries will benefit from the promulgation of the top-level data economy plan?

From the main content of the Plan, the number of active IPv6 users, the number of gigabit broadband users, the scale of software and information technology services, industrial network platform utilization coverage and other seven levels are focused on quantification. Among them, the number of gigabit broadband users should increase from 6.4 million in 2020 to 60 million in 2025. And industrial network platform use coverage growth posted nearly two times.

In addition, the Plan continues to emphasize the digitization of industry and data industrialization, where the data industrialization lays emphasis on the advantages of the new-style lifting system to enhance the data technology base research and development capabilities. The strategic forward-looking industries such as sensors, quantum information, communication networks, integrated circuits, key software, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, new materials, etc. are highlighted.

In "improving the intelligence level of public services", in addition to emphasizing the improvement of intelligence in the field of government affairs (digital government), new digital life is also emphasized, in which the application fields of smart community, smart home, ultra-high-definition TV, virtual reality, 8K ultra-definition video, cloud games, etc. are clearly mentioned.

Organizations look at these industries

It is emphasized that the "Planning" focuses on four major network information infrastructure optimization and upgrading projects, including: 1) promoting the expansion and acceleration of fiber optic network; 2) accelerating the industrial deployment of 5G network; 3) promoting the large-scale deployment and application of IPv6; 4) accelerating the upgrading of spatial information infrastructure, and the communication combined wifi bluetooth module sector is welcomed with comprehensive benefits.

Tianfeng securities indicate that the development of the digital economy, the semiconductor and software industry will usher in a broader development space.

The agency feels that the development of the digital economy must face two problems: First, how to obtain sufficient data. Accelerate the construction of data acquisition, storage capacity, must be a large number of information equipment, such as positioning chips, Internet of Things devices, which will promote the rapid development of the semiconductor industry. The second is how to make good use of data. In the case of the integration of various fields with the digital economy, various enterprises that can first create their own technical ringgit, provide advanced customer experience, and apply data technology to improve operational effectiveness may usher in greater room for development. The software and information technology service industry, especially the head companies, is expected to see rapid development.

In addition, it is emphasized that the level of data industrialization continues to improve, the localization of integrated circuits, operating systems, industrial software and other fields is expected to accelerate, and the complete level of supply chain in key industries such as 5G, integrated circuits, new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet of Things will be improved; industrial digitization also faces great opportunities, and the digital transformation in manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, logistics, finance and energy will accelerate . At the same time, information security products and services requirements will also maintain a relatively fast growth.

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