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A vacuum cleaner is also known as a vacuum sweeper. A vacuum cleaner is vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofadedicated to dust removal, a water suction machine is dedicated to water suction, there are dual-use dust and water suction, and various other functions. It has the following basic structure.

Motor, fan, and dust-absorbing part comprise the main body (composed of filter, storage box).

Hose, extension tube, brush head, suction nozzle, and other accessories are available. Vacuum cleaners are classified into three types based on their operating principles and structures: upright, suction, and hybrid.

Vacuum cleaners that stand upright

In addition to suction, upright vacuum cleaners use a rotating brushKenzo Kidswear powered by a motor installed in the nozzle to assist in vacuuming; in terms of cleaning efficiency, these vacuum cleaners use the rotating vibration force of the brush to pluck away the pile of the carpet and suck away the dust, dirt, grit, and so on, making them suitable for vacuuming large areas of carpet. It is simple to use without bending down.

vacuum cleaner with suction

Suction vacuum cleaners have a long hose that can be used to connectgreen test various accessories for various jobs. Better for cleaning floors, furniture, curtain tents, and thin, soft fabric cushion covers, and with a "flat body" hose for cleaning under "short" furniture or other narrow places. (3) Vacuum cleaners that are hybrids Hybrid vacuum cleaners combine the benefits of suction and upright vacuum cleaners in their design, allowing them to leverage both in terms of cleaning efficiency.

Vacuuming of dust and water

Operation necessities

Hold the operating rod (pipe part) and naturally place the suction port (nozzle) on the ground. If you press too hard, the vacuuming will be hampered.

Take note of the suction nozzle's angle. When pulling toward the back (i.e., toward your side), raise the suction nozzle slightly toward your side, and when advancing toward the front, raise the suction nozzle slightly upward. Air and dust can easily enter this way, and the operation is simple.

Learn to control your pulling speed. It should be strokingly pulled gently and slowly. If you pull too hard, the vacuum may become clogged.

When pulling the dust nozzle, take care to arrange the carpet fibers as neatly as possible. Otherwise, the light effect will cause the carpet's surface to appear uneven.

Method of operation

In general, the operation begins at the inside corner and works its way back to the entrance. The operator's footprints are not left behind in this operation.

Generally, the vacuum cleaner should be moved horizontally from front to back. There should be about 3 cm of overlap between adjacent vacuum parts.

The machine's body and accessories should be placed as close to the entrance as possible so that they can be removed without leaving traces on the carpet after the operation.

Replace the dust nozzle attachment based on the job site. Replace the nozzle with the appropriate one when working in corners and recessed areas. You will not be able to absorb dust effectively if you do not use the proper nozzle.

To avoid causing damage to the furniture, do not allow the nozzle to come into contact with the wall or the furniture, nor should the wire wrap around the furniture leg.

If you find nails, glass shards, or other sharp objects on the ground while working, pick them up before vacuuming to avoid damage to the filtering part of the machine and electrocution.

To avoid clogging the machine's filtering system, do not spill water on the ground before working.

To avoid the low air volume affecting the cooling effect of the motor, do not use the nozzle for an extended period of time.

To keep mechanical efficiency high, try to avoid connecting long pipes. After the operation, remove the garbage and dust that has accumulated inside, clean the filtering part, sort out the wiring and accessories such as the receiver, and finally wipe it down with a rag and store it in a dry place.


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