Even if they get into a prestigious university, these students will struggle!

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Students who enter by brushing up on their knowledge and cramming

However, not all students who graduate from prestigious universities live very good lives, and there are some exceptions.

In this day and age, where grades are king, many high school students improve their grades by constantly brushing up and cramming in order to gain admission to prestigious universities.

Because these students are just study and test-taking machines and lack the aforementioned abilities, they frequently appear to be too stressed to fit in when they enroll in a prestigious university.

Students with poor psychological characteristics

Every year, several odd characters appear at prestigious universities.

They have poor mental ability, even if they have a very impressive performance asia top university rankingin the annual examination, but once their light is obscured, they will appear unable to adapt to the situation, leading to a variety of unimaginable choices.

Even if students with this level of mental ability and quality are admitted to prestigious institutions, the end result is frequently disappointing.

College students should prioritize the development of which skills.

The breadth and depth of logical reasoning

College students who attend prestigious colleges and universities have unrivaled competitiveness in terms of both breadth and depth of thought, which is why they can go on to become legends.

Development of emotional intelligence and perseverance

At the university level, prestigious schools provide them with more than just a halo on their bodies; they also cultivate perseverance, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking skills that will be invaluable in their future studies and lives.


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