How to Buy Custom Blinds Online and Get the Perfect Fit, Step by Step

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Are you wanting to add the ideal pair of bespoke blinds to enhance the design of your house? You could need a special fit for a window that is irregularly shaped, or you might want to coordinate the color of your blinds with other accent items in your space window blinds. Whatever the reason, it's now simpler than ever to purchase bespoke blinds online! We'll walk you through the process of ordering bespoke blinds online so they'll fit every window in your house perfectly. Every stage of the process, from selecting materials and colors to measuring and installation, is covered by us. Now let's go to work making a stunning and useful environment that matches your own flair!

How do Bespoke Blinds work?

Bespoke blinds are window treatments that are created upon request and are tailored to the precise size, design, and requirements of the buyer custom blinds. There are many different types of custom blinds available, from roller shades to wood blinds, so there is bound to be one that will suit your needs. You may purchase custom blinds online or at a nearby business.

It's crucial to accurately measure your windows when getting bespoke blinds online to ensure a great fit. Don't forget to take measurements for the window's height, breadth, and sill depth. After you have your dimensions, you may choose the type of blinds you want by entering them into the online buying system. Also, you must pick if you want cordless or inside or outside mounting for your blinds.

Your bespoke blinds will take a few weeks to make and ship after you place your order. You may either install them yourself once they come or pay a pro to do it for you. You can be sure that your windows will look fantastic and perform flawlessly with bespoke blinds.

Advantages of Using Custom Blinds

Installing bespoke blinds in your house has several advantages. They will first provide you access to privacy and light control. You may pick the design, substance, and color of bespoke blinds that best suit your requirements and home's aesthetic. Second, handmade blinds can raise your home's worth. They are an excellent way to spruce up any space with flair and refinement. Last but not least, bespoke blinds can save your energy costs. They will make your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by filtering out sunlight.

Online Custom Blinds Ordering: 5 Suggestions

It's true that ordering bespoke blinds online might be a little intimidating. There are so many options available, and you want to make sure you get the one that will suit your window well. So don't be alarmed! We've put up a list of 6 suggestions to make it easier for you to get custom blinds online.

Be aware of the size of your windows. The most crucial step in getting custom blinds online is this one. To choose the right size blind, you must be aware of the width and height of your window.

Choose the type of blind you desire. Blinds come in a wide variety of designs, including horizontal, vertical, roller, Roman, pleated, etc. Once you've chosen the type of blind, you may focus your search and discover the ideal one for your house more quickly.

Decide on the material your blinds will be constructed of. Aluminum, cloth, vinyl, imitation wood, and many more alternatives are available. Every material offers a set of distinctive advantages, so before choosing one, make sure to think about what's essential to you.

Choose your blinds' color or design. Have fun with this stage because there are countless color and pattern combinations possible with bespoke blinds. Before making a selection, purchase samples if you're not sure what will work best in your area.

How to Get Your Windows to Fit Perfectly

Getting the ideal fit is crucial when it comes to bespoke blinds. The appearance of your windows being smaller than they actually are can be caused by blinds that are either too large or too tiny.

You may take a few steps to guarantee that your bespoke blinds are fitted perfectly:

Take exact measurements of your windows. The most crucial step in ensuring that your blinds fit precisely is this one. Get the precise dimensions of your window, including any trim or moulding, using a tape measure.

Take your windows into account. How you measure your window for blinds depends depend on the type of window you have. Casement windows, for instance, require different measurements than double-hung windows.

Choose the proper blind size. You may start looking for the appropriate size blinds after you understand how to accurately measure your windows. While selecting bespoke blinds, be careful to pay attention to the width and length specifications to ensure a suitable fit.

Correctly install your shades. Blinds of the ideal size won't look their finest if they aren't put properly, regardless of your choice in size. To ensure that your blinds hang evenly and look excellent, closely adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Measurement Techniques for Tailored Blinds

Always use a metal tape measure when taking measurements for bespoke blinds since fabric or flexible tape measures might produce erroneous readings. Measure the width of the window three times—at the top, center, and bottom—to acquire an exact inside mount. Round down to the nearest 1/8 inch and use the narrowest width measurement. Then, take three measurements of the window's height: the left side, the centre, and the right side. Round your height measurements down to the closest 1/8 inch using the shortest measurement.

Add 2 inches to the width and height specifications for a precise exterior mount.

Where to Purchase Custom Blinds Online in Good Quality

When it comes to window coverings, bespoke blinds are a fantastic choice for people who want a certain style or size. So how do you know where to get high-quality custom blinds online with so many stores and websites selling them? While buying bespoke blinds online, keep these three things in mind:

A Good Reputation: Reading customer reviews is the greatest approach to determine whether or not a store has a good reputation. Spend some time reading over the evaluations that previous consumers have left about their interactions with the merchant, taking attention to both favorable and unfavorable comments. Many satisfied clients are a positive indicator.

A Large Selection: While looking for custom blinds online, a big variety is another crucial factor to consider. To choose the ideal blinds for your house, you should be able to locate a shop that offers a wide selection of blind types, materials, and colors.

Competitive Pricing: Lastly, before making a buy, make sure to examine costs at several stores. While you might be enticed to select the least expensive choice, remember that quality should also be taken into account. Once you've identified a few vendors who satisfy all of the aforementioned requirements, spend some time looking through their inventory to choose the ideal custom blinds for your house.


We really hope that this post was useful in providing a thorough overview of purchasing bespoke blinds online. You should feel confident choosing the ideal match for your window treatments online now that you are aware of the numerous factors we spoke about. Our customer care staff is there to answer any inquiries and assist with any problems you may run into while placing an order if you do feel the need for more specialized guidance. Don't wait; shop online right now to get the ideal fit for all of your windows!

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