Teach you a trick, workplace survival essential 6 skills, so that you in the workplace like a fish in water

Vivian 71 2022-07-29 Industry Insight

Teach you a trick, workplace survival essential 6 skills, so that you in the workplace like a fish in water

1. positive image does not send friends. Some leaders refine the door slit to see people, specifically through the details to observe people, and even at night will secretly look at your circle of friends, which requires you not to send friends, some in the circle of friends dry micro business, there are colleagues in the circle of friends scold the leadership, you unless all colleagues leadership are blocked, or you do not send. Some people say, I send microblogging total line, it is recommended that can be sent, the same do not send, because some leaders do not look at his age, but he also plays microblogging! To create and maintain a positive persona at work and in private, or the leadership will give you the label of "immature" through these, the loss is not worth it.

2. quick and fast leadership satisfaction first. Office staff must be sharp, efficient. Some leaders just said before the mouth to let you print a document, and then will give you to ask, or even just put down the phone to ask how you did. So must be speed, priority to the leadership account of things to do, regardless of the big and small things, the leadership of the biggest thing, even if the arrangement of work. Speaking of which, some people will say small brother, you are not patting yourself on the back, but from the experience of small brother all the way to tell me, in the unit, in the workplace, determine your fate is not the work arranged above, but your leadership, the work is not good, the leadership does not criticize you will be fine, because the above criticism will not criticize you, the above is still very far from you, but the leadership is the closest to you, which is not doing well, the criticism must be The leadership is from your unit's leadership.

3. to read the words and have an eye for children. Many leaders are reading people, there are many times are a test of the office staff, for example, smoking when the cigarette butt is very long, but also deliberately do not play a, waiting for you to take the ashtray then. For example, in the official activities, your leader deliberately undress very slowly, in fact, is waiting for you to help him get clothes. At this time you have to have eyesight, it does not matter if you really do not understand, but do not play dumb, there are comrades say, I understand, not willing to serve him, that can not be helped, the leadership will also give you the label "do not understand".

4. officers flexible and do not lose principle. Sometimes the leader deliberately arranged a job to you knowing that you can not finish, it may be in your shoes, but also may be in the test you, not need you to complete independently, the leader wants to see your coordination ability, flexibility, how colleagues, in order to prepare for the next step to reuse you, which requires you to be flexible, do not understand the good intentions of the leadership, which is the leadership to give you the burden, so that you can take charge of a side, to build The foundation of the masses. But pay attention to adhere to the principles, do not know the rules when doing this work, really own a man said, after all, not really delegated to you.

5. more reporting and not prickly. Leaders have the desire to control, like to control every subordinate in the palm of your hand, so no one leader does not like to listen to the report, no one is criticized for reporting too much to the leadership, unless you report errors. So there is nothing more to find leadership to report, of course, do not report nothing to find something, to have something real, you and the leadership of small talk, who will be annoyed, but also no time. In addition, do not be a prick, is not obey the leadership of the kind of management, after all, when you are a leader you do not like disobedient, disobedient subordinates, no one will use such people.

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