Let people brainstorm 10 future technological inventions

Alice 95 2022-07-29 Techlogoly & Gear

Let people brainstorm 10 future technological inventions

1、Weather control

Currently, weather control is quite promising. We can do it with something called "cloud seeding", something that really performs more than some people think. It does this by using a rocket or aircraft to launch a combination of lab-created dry ice, silver iodide and salt energy into the clouds, resulting in rain or increased precipitation. While the flexibility to start and stop rainfall, solar, cold and warm air would be one of the cool inventions of the future.

2、Active skin

Tiny digital capsules the size of skin cells blown into the pores and skin will enable us to report neural alerts related to any sensation, which is one of the cool inventions of the future.

3, immortality and body sharing

As computer systems become smarter, the brain's connection to IT can become even higher, so you'll use more external IT until most of your thoughts are outside your mind. When your body dies, you will only lose the parts that are primarily based in your brain. Most of your mind will continue to exist.

4. Exoskeleton

Polymer gel muscle tissue can be five times stronger than natural muscle tissue, so you will buy clothes that provide you with superhuman strength.

5, smart wallpaper

A book written by Margaret Atwood has one of the many coolest innovations in science fiction. It is called "Smart Wallpaper". Today, we will make something quite like smart wallpaper. Atwood's description of the wallpaper in her book is fascinating, but underlines more fiction than science.

6. A self-aware sentient machine

Older movies like "The Terminator" suggest a utopian future that needs to be prevented. The innovations of science fiction robots and sentient beings should not reach the light of day.

7. Active contact lenses

These interesting devices will be placed in your eyes like ordinary contact lenses. However, they will have three tiny lasers and a micro-mirror that can immediately transmit the picture to the retina, creating over-determined photos within the range of what your eyes can see.

8. Teleportation

Teleportation is a science fiction innovation that all of us would actually like to be able to travel through. Does teleportation have the potential? It needs to be executed by breaking down each atom and molecule and sending them to a different place. Everything would have to revert back to the state they were in before teleportation. Scientists claim that although it is troublesome, one day it may have potential.

9, Iron Man suit

This may also come as a shock to people, however, the infamous Iron Man suit is definitely possible to manufacture in real life. Therefore, the U.S. Armed Forces are currently using an equivalent to it, which would be one of the cool inventions of the future.

10. Smart Yogurt

Smart yogurt could be an idea for the future of computing. With what could be a huge superhuman intelligence, one day your biggest friend could be a yogurt.

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