What are the benefits and drawbacks of vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, and sweepers?

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Vacuum cleaners are typically purchased after a renovation and used in places such as sliding best wet and dry cordless vacuum cleanerdoor tracks, sofa gaps, cabinet corners, and so on. Vacuum cleaners are primarily used in areas that cannot be cleaned by floor robots or washing machines, such as the ceiling, which must be cleaned with vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are classified into two types: upright and handheld. one via wireless, one via wired: Wired suction power is strong, but we have to draw the wire every time, find the socket, collect the wire, transfer to the next location, this development process analysis is more complex and tedious, the time to work and prepare the relevant work study time is about the same, but they can suck away almost all household waste, suitable for cleaning management work in a large area of China or change the location less. Wireless vacuum cleaners can save the above-mentioned series of activities to prepare teaching time, but it is necessary to purchase several wireless vacuum cleaners. The main disadvantage is that the suction power is low, which means that heavier particles cannot be sucked away. The use of a combination of always depending on the need to solve the second rework or manual removal, after enduring the application of special education funding to purchase vacuum cleaners.

Suction power is approximately 70% that of a wired vacuum cleaner. They can be sucked up as long as the particles are not too large. Ceilings are much easier to clean, and there is no need to transport a heavy corded vacuum cleaner.

The two vacuum cleaners are now used less frequently and are primarily used to clean ceilings, hardwood floors, and furniture.

Scrubber for the floor

I used to be aware of the scrubber, but I never considered it because I assumed it was essentially the same Extendable Curtain Trackas the floor sweeper. The sweeper robot broke down shortly after I moved last year, so I purchased a new scrubber from Tinker. My sister's house had already been used, and according to her recommendation, it worked better than the sweeper robot, so I bought one to try out.

The scrubber has been in operation for over a year, and the comparison with the sweeping robot is straightforward:

Advantages: a variety of stains for garbage management basic problems once over themselves we can clean up by cleaning up, and China does not pick the type, whether it is hair, lint, grease, rice particles and so on dry and wet garbage treatment can be cleaned up, from the inhalation of these garbage to mopping sterilization technology all students to complete, very simple and convenient more quickly The water absorption function requires a few seconds to suck away, once the water basin is overturned on the network this social function, a few seconds to suck away more than a liter of water, changed the ground a few times only after mopping the type of water marks, if it is some conventional mop, at least 10 minutes to clean up

Disadvantages: manual cleaning is required frequently, even if the power roller requires little effort.

sweeping machine

Sweeping robot with several years of experience, used during the replacement of several. Only sweep the floor solar blindfrom beginning to end, automatic charging. It performs the same function as a washing machine, but each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages: no manual operation, ability to set time and cleaning position, change water source, save time

Disadvantages: poor cleaning; some stains must be cleaned manually twice.

To summarize: vacuum cleaners, particularly wireless vacuum cleaners, are irreplaceable in many corporate work life scenarios; scrubber and sweeping robot technology can be purchased only need one, but it is recommended that the home tile floor with more scrubber, wood floors mostly with sweeping robot.

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