blockchain, no one has said anything about its real value yet

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blockchain, no one has said anything about its real value yet

Today's Internet was once a 'dragon slaying boy'

When the Internet first came out, it was actually a dragon slayer boy. It was first a communication technology that added to the fairness of communication. On top of that, framed the entire Internet, and its entire digital world as seen today. Customers got a lot of software for free for their role. In that sense, the Internetmine box is a huge step forward.

The original idea of the Internet was a fairer and freer use of technology. The original way of the Internet was that I had a device, you had a device, and everyone connected to each other and communicated with each other. But so many things did not get done, because many people do not have that easy access to the Internet, and some times are not online.

Send a document here to there, there is no online how to do? Therefore, the entire world computing system architecture introduced a thing called server. Initially, the Internet grew rapidly due to its existence, but now we see that there are such and such problems hidden behind this thing.

In the age of software, one's own computer carried out all the calculations in one's own computer. After having a server, everyone transferred many measurement rights to others. So today, everyone's hand computer, cell phones, a lot of acting as the output interface. The real calculation is done on the server.

The current Internet companies are based on a measurement system model: the client-server model. Take a common example of search. We should search for something, the client - that is, the device in your hand is just used to indicate it, or pass your input on. It doesn't do anything by itself, and the real decision of what you can see depends mainly on the server. Internet companies understand the server, which means understanding the algorithm operating inside the server, then you can grasp what you can see.

The Internet lives, to find a profit model, the scale of the service is getting bigger and bigger, it needs to match the profit model. Finally,antminer s19 pro alibaba the entire architecture of the Internet gives Internet companies an opportunity to control the data on the network. Control what information on the network how to reach some specific people, is a very profitable thing. Whether it is e-commerce, or search engines, social media, all can earn money through this way.

Network advertising has gone through three stages. The first stage is the era of portal network. At that time, there was no difference between the ads and the current ones, and everyone logged on to the website to display the same ads. Even so, this has brought a lot of financial support to the early Internet.

Then came the era of precision placement. The typical turning point was that many Internet services required customers to have an account to carry out login, such as search engines. By logging in you can learn what you have searched for before and what kinds of things appeal to you. It wanted to learn more about you from you, and subsequently advertise accordingly. This is when the 'privacy' thing came into play and the giants typified by search engines emerged.

Personalized matching gives rise to the vast majority of the difficulties we now have on the web. When Internet companies know who you are and have the information you have accumulated on the platform, they will consider two things: the first is what items to push to you it can make more money, and the second is to improve the quality of its own services.

If you push you something very profitable but you do not want, you may feel that the service is not good to jump to another platform. Therefore, all Internet service providers have a scale of their own, on both sides of the scale are their own ideal profitability and the actual quality of service.

At the third stage, there is an advertising tracking technology. What a customer does on one website will have an impact on what he sees on another website. The tracking technology of online advertising is able to attribute a person's account on different websites to one person in the end. After buying an item on a shopping site, and then visiting other sites, one can find all the ads in question.

The act of being on one site can be used by another site, and this is the area where people feel offended. Sometimes you say a word in front of your phone and you may find the video platform is full of relevant ads. This sounds smart, but this intelligence really serves the user behind the Internet.

That's why when the iPhone was released to block gtx 1080 ethereum hashrate the use of tracking customer information, it immediately made Facebook and Google much less profitable for advertising.

All of us as the object to be served, enjoy a free role, in fact, are inadvertently kidnapped up by the whole digital services. We are not the users of online platforms, but actually their commodities. The real consumers are the advertisers. In essence, the Internet in its most basic way ultimately allows people to build a device that can universally influence everyone's thinking. The impact that this machine can have is enormous.

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