I heard that these development containers are for details about which you are unaware.

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part of the knowledge

The first is the container box number.

Those who have been following the container should be aware that the container number s17+ antmineris made up of an 11-digit code, but you are all aware that the 11-digit code has its own meaning. Each paragraph, like our ID card, has a different meaning.

The first three digits of the 11-digit code primarily represent the container's ownership, the fourth digit represents the type of container, the next six digits are the container's registration code, and the remaining one is a random code.

Code and public container

In the operation of import and export logistics, freight forwarders frequently choose to use the container code, such as the common GP / HC / DC, etc. What container size do these codes represent? Don't worry; please be patient and continue reading.

1.GP, the full name of General Purpose, direct translation is a common product use Miner shopof the container. We now frequently say 20GP/40GP, etc. in China for 20 foot / 40 foot ordinary standard containers.

2.HC stands for High Container, literally High Container. The HC concept is similar to the GP concept. Its width is the same as GP, but a little higher than a foot.

3.DC, the dry container's full name, that is, the dry container (dry container). Because it is a dry goods container, it means that the goods put inside are not wet, dry, etc., which is the inverse of the wet and frozen cabinets.

Third, import and export of empty containers

Empty containers can enter the terminal in two ways: unloading the empty container portable containerand entering through the inspection port. Handling must be done separately depending on the size of the container, the type of box, and other factors. However, the export of empty containers and the pathway are similar, but they are also divided into empty containers transport exports and empty boxes through inspection of these two exports.

Isn't it true that they have a little more of their own knowledge after reading the above the basis of the container to carry out the details part of the knowledge points? Please applaud if this is the case!

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