Do you enjoy dressing up your dog? The advantages and disadvantages of dressing your dog!

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Many dog owners enjoy dressing up their pets. Aside from keeping warm, one of the reasons is that pet clothes are so cute nowadays, but not every dog is suitable for dressing; whether it's a long-haired dog or a short-haired dog, dressing hides some risks and drawbacks, so owners must be cautious!

First and foremost, the advantages of assisting dogs in wearing clothing

1.the significance of cold protection and warmth

Some different sizes of the weaker dogs, because they are very thin, so the body fat is also relatively low; additionally, we have some young or old dogs, resistance is relatively low, more afraid of cold; it is recommended that when the weather is cold, teachers can help them put on their own clothes to help keep warm and avoid colds.

2.Maintain your dog's cleanliness.

Dogs may have skin problems, so they do not need to be bathed frequently, but they like to 4th of july dog clothesroll on the ground, so they will be very dirty. If you want to take your dog out, I recommend that you help them put on clothes to keep their bodies clean.

Dogs dressed in clothing

Dogs should avoid wearing clothes for extended periods of time because they are prone to skin diseases.

3.Protect your dog's health.

When you take your dog for a walk, the environment can easily injure him, such as being cut by branches or having insects climb on the branches. A lot of damage can be avoided if you can help your dog put on some clothes when you take him out.

Second, consider the negative consequences of assisting your dog in wearing clothing.

1.aggravate skin diseases

Dogs with short hair If we wear clothes, it is likely that because these fabrics are directly on the Chinese skin, it is easy to develop a situation that affects the dog's skin disease, allergies, scratching or peeling redness, which is not only the dog itself and more sensitive skin problems, but also a clothing does not fit into the.

2.knotted long-haired dog hair

Although long-haired dogs will not have direct friction problems with clothes and skin, because the clothes pressed on the hair, combined with constant friction, dog hair is easy to form a mass of hair, if the owner does not give the dog combing on a regular basis, it will cause hair knots.

3.reduce thermostatic capability

In fact, dogs have their own thermostatic ability, which allows them to adjust their bodies to the changing seasons and temperatures. However, wearing clothes for an extended period of time may prevent them from adjusting the thermostatic ability, resulting in decreased resistance. If the time is extended, it may result in disease.

4.Dog clothing is not suitable for wearing.

1.the dog is irritable

After wearing clothes, some dogs become very angry and agitated. They may even try to run and hide or remove their clothes all the time. They may even chew the decorations on their clothes, saving time and making the dog more comfortable.

2.Refuses to move after putting on

Some dogs in wearing their clothes, the posture will become strange, even we can not carry out the action, stay in place and do not move, which is probably the content is a clothing to limit the ability of the dog puppet action research, it is recommended not to help the dog to wear clothes, unless the dog is also able to adapt by slowly developing.

3.Skin diseases enjoy scratching

If the family dog has a skin disease or likes to scratch, scratching will usually be more serious once dressed, even though wearing clothes cannot scratch, the dog will scratch clothes or bite people, so it is not recommended to waste money on clothes.

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