Why is the magic sponge so powerful in decontamination? Listen to the following explanation.

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Why is the magic sponge so powerful in decontamination? Listen to the following explanation.

Magic sponges are a great, labor-saving cleaning tool. Especially in dealing with some bad or can not be dealt with the stain with a cloth, can show her strong ability to clean, because it basically only needs water to remove stubborn stains, stainless steel spongemake the thing after cleaning can achieve the effect of old as new. How, you might ask, could it have such a magical effect? No hurry, there is a small editor for you to answer.

Let's start with the material and structure of magic sponge. Magic sponge is made of melamine foam with advanced nanotechnology, and its internal structure is a three-dimensional network with holes. It is this structure that enables the magic sponge to soak in water and automatically absorb the stains on the surface of the object during the wiping process. Magic sponge wipe is purely physical decontamination, safe and environmentally friendly.

The magic sponge has fine material and strong detergency; It is suitable for cleaning concave and uneven, deep stubborn dirt, which is easy to take care of, leaving no scratches and no damage to the surface of the object; Easy to use, no chemical cleaning agent required. Due to the structure of the internal opening of the magic sponge, the stains on the adsorption can be discharged under the water extrusion and rinsing, and then can be reused, which is very convenient.

Because this magic sponge is a consumable, it will wear off when used. Therefore, it is necessary to properly control the moisture, which is more likely to lead to peeling and consumption if it is too dry.

Use Stickers:

1. Wipe in one direction to prolong the life of decontamination cotton.

2. This amazing sponge is inherently fragile, so don't pinch it too hard to damage or damage its tissue structure

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