What are the daily tasks of general cross-border e-commerce operations?

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What are the daily tasks of general cross-border e-commerce operations?

A. Check store sales and sales

As an Amazon operation, store sales and sales is to be a daily must concern, analysis is what elements lead to sales increase or decrease, whether you can use these criteria to continue to improve product sales, or what aspects caused the sales decrease.

Therefore not only daily not only query product sales, but also to analyze the data and develop relative strategies.

Second, improve advertising

Integration of actual advertising data, the day's billing status, analysis of advertising data, carry out denial of promotion, advertising bidding optimization, optimization of keyword construction, which is a business must do every day.

Because advertising will be directly related to the sales of the store, analysis of the elements and logic behind the data, the optimization of advertising to carry out a detailed promotion

Third, data analysis

Key analysis of store traffic data, sales data and advertising data, etc.

Through this information, observe and check whether there is any abnormality in daily sales, and if there is a problem, you can precisely understand which place has gone wrong and then make adjustments.

1. Business report statistics of product sales and view details data

Fourth, the daily operation work

1. Respond to buyer information.

Amazon's customer information is basically based on the email to understand, Amazon's performance assessment of the message response regulations are indeed very strict, if there is customer information, need to respond to internet payment processing customers within 24 hours.

2. Poor reviews resolution

If the product and the store received a 4-star following Reviews and feedback show, to properly handle. We must first grasp the reasons why the customer left a bad review, and communicate with the buyer in a timely manner.

According to the form of comment or email contact with the customer, timely help customers to solve the problem, and then use a reasonable description, so that the buyer to delete the bad review.

If the buyer's Review meets the following circumstances, you can directly contact customer service to remove the bad review.

(1) The bad review is caused by the problems encountered in the Amazon delivery process

(2) The review involves sales content

(3) The review includes obscene, insulting language

(4) The review exposes personal information

(5) There is sufficient evidence that the review is a bad review or a malicious attack by a competitor

If the customer's feedbacks meet the following conditions, you can directly apply for deletion in the feedback management.

(1) The feedbacks left are all reviews of related products

(2) The review involves sales content

(3) The comments include obscene and insulting language

(4) Reviews in the exposure of personal information

(5) About the delivery status of Amazon delivery orders or customer service

(6) Delays in delivery or non-receipt of orders for which the merchant applied the option of on-time delivery

3. Concerned about inventory

If the store's inventory performance index is less than 500, it will not be shipped directly.

Therefore, when you find that the inventory performance index is not up to the standard or is about to be not up to the standard, you should promptly improve the conversion rate of products in the form of activities and so on.

Daily concern about product inventory, calculate the logistics cycle to avoid product out of stock.

If the goods happen to hoard, must do a promotion and other activities to clean up inventory

V. Listing promotion

After the product on the shelves Listing promotion in fact does not belong to the daily work of business.

Most of the time, the listing can only do minor adjustments, because each adjustment of the listing will affect the weight of the listing, the smooth sales of goods, unless the listing has a serious data error is, otherwise try not to adjust the listing.

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