coffee that people want to drink and see? Master these three rules

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coffee that people want to drink and see? Master these three rules

Coffee is becoming more and more popular, but it seems that contemporary people only pay attention to how to drink better quality coffee, how to identify the taste, how to appreciate black coffee, how much powder to water ratio ...... but forget how to prepare a cup of delicious coffee for yourself.

Drinking their most anticipated coffee is the most wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer enjoyable thing for every coffee lover, that for a cup of coffee people want to drink to see what conditions should have?

Want to brew a cup of coffee so that people want to drink, no longer just a careful injection of water to solve the matter, and no longer just a better grinder, coffee flavor can be improved, a cup of coffee so that people have the desire to drink must meet the following three key elements:

First, the brewing technique and method

Second, the roaster's bean roasting skills and personality

Third, the origin of the coffee bean planting, processing methods and types

I. Brewing techniques and methods

Brewing techniques and methods have three very important factors, namely brewing time, brewing water temperature and its water flow.

a. Brewing time

Brewing time depends to some extent on the flavor of coffee, in general, the longer the extraction time, the more pronounced the coffee flavor, the greater the concentration, the more pronounced the coffee sweet and sour bitter, on the contrary, if the extraction time is less, the milder the coffee flavor, the lower the concentration, the less pronounced the coffee sweet and sour bitter. So it is recommended that: in the daily hand brewed coffee brewing time is slightly shorter, too long brewing time is easy to extract the bad coffee flavor.

b. Brewing water temperature

Water temperature and roast degree show exactly the opposite proportion, that is, the heavier the roast degree of coffee, the lower the water temperature, so the brewing water temperature can be decided according to the degree of roast, the recommended brewing water temperature is as follows.

Light roast: 90-92 degrees Celsius

Medium light roast: 87-90 degrees Celsius

Medium roast: 85-87 degrees Celsius

Medium-deep roast: 83-85 degrees Celsius

Deep roast: 80-83 degrees Celsius

c. Water flow

The water flow is closely related to the coffee flavor mellowness, mellowness is too high coffee will have astringent taste, too low coffee contains sharp acid taste, so in the brewing of coffee need to master the brewing water flow, generally the more water flow, through the fine holes of the filter paper insoluble substances will also increase, thus leading to the increase of mellowness.

Second, the roaster's bean roasting skills and personality

A good cup of coffee, the importance of baking accounts for 80%, a cup of coffee to make people want to drink the urge, in addition to the high value of the roaster, more important is the roaster's roasting skills and personality, each roaster has its own unique baking personality, the larger character is to have their own ideas about the taste of coffee, a professional roaster in the roasting process will watch the color and listen to the sound and can manipulate the entire taste of coffee. The professional level of the coffee capsule roaster depends on whether the roasting process is interesting enough, experienced roasters will put the roasting process "performance" to the fullest, after roasting can also be immediately tasted is not the taste they expect.

Third, the origin of coffee beans planting, processing methods and types

Even the same coffee producing area coffee flavor is also different, especially in a single production area, the natural environmental conditions vary from year to year, the flavor is bound to be slightly different, and each single production area will also have a lot of coffee estates, in different natural conditions, the quality of each estate harvested coffee beans are also different. In addition, the coffee processing process is different in each appellation, such as the coffee solution, and the flavor of the final coffee is also different when choosing a different solution for the coffee. Finally, when it comes to coffee varieties, coffee varieties vary slightly depending on where they are grown, how they are grown, and who grows them.

To brew a cup of coffee that people have the urge to drink, not only to recommend which coffee is the most popular, perhaps a moderate degree of communication will also allow you to drink their most anticipated cup of coffee more casually.

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