What are the correct ways for parents to educate their children? Summarize these!

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we want the process

In the process of growing up, it is inevitable that children's problems will arise, Covid test kitwhat are the correct ways for parents to educate their children? The fundamental reason behind the crude pedagogy is that parents do not find the right way to educate, there is no way, as far as education is concerned, there are many methods.

What are the right ways for parents to educate their children? I have summarized the following points:

1. Be friends with your children

Many parents put themselves in a very high position, advocate for themselves, what they do, even if it is wrong, must be right in their children. Just like the emperor in the past, no matter what the emperor did, in the eyes of the ministers, it is all right. Parents should be friends with their children, they do wrong, parents have the courage to point out their mistakes; parents do wrong, let them boldly point out, parents must correct the error.

2. Give children a space to try independently.

I believe that many of our students parents work will themselves encounter a situation, suddenly, one day, the child to achieve something, try again and again, this problem when the parents to pay attention to, you had better give him a sentence to carry on encouraging them words: "Honey, I believe that you can! ", and then by turning away, never stare at him to do it, or because around him around.

3.Analyze and respect your child's feedback

When a child gives feedback about our education, we first need to analyze this feedback. Of course, this analysis is not only for the child's words, but also for the child's actions and expressions. But it is important for parents to respect the child's feedback, whether it is "sophomoric" or not. As you can imagine, parents misunderstand and suppress their children's feedback. In the long run, the child will never give positive feedback to the mother's education. Without the child's cooperation, there is no way for the parent to educate the child. I used to be the same. Educating my children only scolded, and they became increasingly distant from me. Then I came in contact with a beautiful family in High Road. There are really a lot university of hk rankingof practical ways to educate children, which helped me a lot.

4.to process not results

Remember, parents are not bosses, children are not employees, for children, we want the process, not the result. If parents appreciate their children's efforts, then they will definitely be willing to pay hardships in the future, however, if parents only appreciate the results, then it is common to take shortcuts and mislead.

5.Patient enough

Many parents ask their children to implement the rules immediately after they have made them, without giving them time to buffer, and scold them as soon as they make a mistake. This wrong approach will only lead to two results:The first is that the child develops a rebellious mentality and opposes the parents; the second is that the child will have fear and dread. Whatever the outcome, it is not good for the child's physical and mental health. Therefore, in the process of children learning the rules, parents should have enough patience, which is more conducive to the growth of children.

6.Agreement with elders

Parents carry out educational development of children a correct way to deal with what? Before setting rules for children, parents believe that they should first find the elders in the family to reach agreement on the goal concept. Because elders are generally more spoiled children, if the parents of students do not agree with their elders in advance, it is likely to lead to many parents in the education of children, the elderly to step in and block, will not only affect the effectiveness of education and teaching parents of young children, but also not conducive to improving the harmony of their working families. Therefore, it is important to agree with the elders in advance, so that it is more convenient for parents to understand after to better enable their children by implementing the rules set for them.

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