What is the distinction between a vacuum cleaner and a floor sweeper? Discuss my true feelings after more than a year of use.

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I hope to help you buy

Sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners have become popular in recentwet and dry handheld vacuum cleaner years, and the debate continues.

Some people believe that sweeping robots are useful for freeing up their hands and eliminating home hygiene without exerting any effort.

Some people believe that if you want to practice good hygiene, youThom Browne Kids HK must still use a vacuum cleaner.

Because my family has children and pets, I have purchased sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners in order to maintain good home hygiene. Today, I hope to help you buy cleaning tools by combining my more than a year of experience and explaining the difference between sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners.

Various cleaning methods

The sweeping robot's appearance is primarily disc-shaped; it will qs world university rankingstypically have two small brushes in front of the bottom, cleaning up the health through the "vacuuming + sweeping + rotation" process.

My house has a sweeping robot, which is also considered a mainstream style on the market; if your daily work is tiring, you can use it to clean up the ground hair and dust, freeing up your hands.

However, large pieces of garbage, such as toilet paper, orange peel, plastic bags, and so on, cannot be cleaned up by the sweeping robot. So, to summarize, if you want to use a sweeping robot, you should first ensure good home hygiene habits, because a sloppy home is no way to clean up hygiene with the sweeping robot.

The working principle of a vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is to rely on the motor to rotate at high speed to drive the airflow, so that the vacuum effect is created inside the vacuum cleaner, and the air containing dust into the vacuum cleaner through the role of pressure difference.

In short, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner motor is the most obvious factor influencing the vacuum cleaner's effectiveness.

Various application scenarios

A sweeping robot, as the name implies, is a machine that sweeps the floor. As a result, its use of the scene is also very limited, such as: sofa, window slit, home appliances, bedding, and other areas where the sweeping robot is unable to clean.

Furthermore, under the banner of "free your hands," sweeping robot, in obstacle avoidance, people laugh.

Although many sweeping robots have intelligent obstacle avoidance features, if you want it to work properly, you must move the ground clutter in advance of the home, or you will eventually come to the end of their own, which I am deeply experienced with.


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