Surveys show that couples who use sex toys have better sexual quality and emotional intimacy.

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Do couples need sex toys?

Human sexuality and love are not vulgar qualities and actions, best phone controlled vibratornor are they trivial matters, but are sublime and important. With the opening of people's ideas, more and more sex toys appear on the market; Surveys show that couples who use sex toys have better sexual quality and emotional intimacy.

If there is no sexual pleasure for a long time, best phone controlled vibratorwhat will happen in the female body?

Physiological: Sexual tension has not been released, best phone controlled vibratorgenital congestion can not be resolved in time, and may become a trigger for some diseases, such as various inflammation.

Emotional: endocrine disorders, anxiety, best phone controlled vibratorirritability, affect work efficiency; Dissatisfaction with the partner, emotional sensitivity and vulnerability, and the partner is easy to quarrel, and eventually lead to the breakup of the relationship. In this case, women can consider trying sex toys.

At first, many people will feel embarrassed, best phone controlled vibratorbut in fact, there is no need. It is a normal consumer product that meets physical needs and life experiences. It also has multiple effects, not only to please themselves, but also to promote the relationship between husband and wife, but also to regulate family contradictions, to bring stability and harmony to society. In recent years, the female product market has shown an "explosive consumption", which also means that more and more women have begun to face their own desires and take sexual pleasure in their own hands

So when you can get pleasure in sex do you still need sex toys?

My answer is: still development needs, best phone controlled vibratorand we recommend that male students take the initiative to send girls sex toys.

A man may buy men's products for his own dignity and pleasure, but a man who buys female sex toys for his girlfriend and wife is definitely a good boyfriend and husband.

Why do you say that? Men and women have different sexual response times and cycles during sex: men are like light bulbs that are plugged in and quickly lit up, feeling faster and getting pleasure relatively easily; And it's not unreasonable for women to say that they need to "simmer"; Women come more slowly, many women can come several times at a time.

Then when preparing, you can take out small toys to do some foreplay, and try to let her eat on the "appetizer". Sex toys can also be used to enhance the pleasure during the main performance, not only girls like it, but also men like it, don't you think? It is worth noting that a woman's peak in the lead role does not mean that it can end, her sexual response continues! ... Although the men have entered the retreat and cooling off period, if the men completely leave the car, it is equivalent to leaving the car at the exit of the highway. ! At this time, small toys are good news for men!

As for "couples or couples should not use fun toys", of course, it is happy to accept and play together happily! Sex toys are a very helpful good thing that can help men and women enjoy their sex life better. Sex toys are good toys that people can enjoy cake tide and pleasure. You don't need to be shy about them. They are healthy and happy little toys.

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