How to Remove Kitchen Dirt and Grease Effectively? Kitchen cleaning needs tips and methods

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Kitchen cleaning of the stovetop

With the society people's daily life development level, whether it is work we or a life of pressure is also elevated with the enterprise, making the Chinese people are more prone to emotional, life certain small details also become the fuse that may trigger the main contradiction of the student's family. According to the survey, 70% of the family economic conflict problems erupted from the kitchen, when people can be hard to end the tired staff back to their own homes, often because of what to eat for dinner? Who will cook? Who will wash the dishes after dinner? And quarrels constantly! It's hard to make up your mind, into the international kitchen, the face of the kitchen room grease stains, items clutter, inside the straight beat scrubber manufacturer So for how to make the kitchen new?

Kitchen cleaning of the stovetop

Kitchen counter cleaning is the main activity of the kitchen, long time use let it accumulate a lot of stains, but with this tip, clean up much easier

 Use white vinegar, soda or toothpaste with a certain percentage of water, then put a towel in it to rub it dry and wipe it clean.

Configure a single nozzle to produce continuous high-temperature, high-pressure steam to easily break down stubborn grease stains inside the stove, making the stove look new!

Kitchen cleaning of the hood

The range hood is the kitchen's cleaning guard. Can prevent frying cooking oil pollution wall. But the hood can harbor a lot of bacteria after a long time. As the saying goes, you need to pay more attention to the cleaning of this piece. Here are some amenable tips.

(1) the oil in the oil box to pour off the oil, soaked in neutral detergent for 40 minutes, the development of its different brushing, and then warm soapy water can be carried out to study the surface by scrubbing

(2) portable fiber towel for further cleaning: equipped with "closed boiler" heating system, the temperature inside the furnace up to 143 ° C, to ensure high temperature saturated steam continues to be stable, easy to achieve healthy sterilization, so that the family use environment comfortable!

Kitchen floor cleaning

Over time, a lot of grease residue accumulates on the kitchen floor. If you don't clean it in time, there will be black marks and the tiles will feel sticky when you step on them.

Chemical method: Sprinkle white vinegar, baking soda and a certain proportion of water evenly on the floor and wipe it with a mop.

Physical steam: with the floor shovel, can easily achieve multi-angle flexible rotation, to reach every corner, and wave-type deflector groove, rapid reversal of high-temperature steam, deep into the kitchen tile crevices, effectively remove the stains of the tile small crevices, so that the floor tiles are as clean as new.

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