Do you know what is sold in adult store unmanned vending machines?

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sex toys

Nowadays, adults have a richer life and pay more attention to the quality of private life, and they will choose to buy some adult app controlled sex toy So what do sex store vending machines sell? I get a lot of attention.

1、Male adult products

Male adult products include many types, such as airplane cups, beautiful buttocks inverted mold and so app controlled sex toy There are various categories of specific airplane cups, both manual and automatic, and of course there are also large-scale erotic products, inflatable dolls, silicone dolls.

2、 female adult products

Female adult products also include many aspects of the product, mainly women need to use health supplies, as well as some self-soothing app controlled sex toy Such as vibrators, AV sticks, jumping eggs and so on. These types of products are more diversified, closely related to women's lives, customers can choose a larger space.

3、Erotic aids

Many street adult store unmanned vending machine also operates interesting auxiliary products, such as lubrication and humidification products, as well as some of the props to increase the relationship between the two app controlled sex toy For example, men's products, men's oil, delay spray and so on. There are many types of adult products of this type, including various functions, types, and roles.

4、Erotic apparel

Many adult learning supplies unmanned vending machine will also sell erotic different types of costumes, this traditional costumes of more styles and styles, there are men can be through the use of erotic costumes, there are also many female users can carry out the use of erotic costumes, there is also a number of light auxiliary costumes, such as some of our app controlled sex toy Such as sexy dresses, role-playing, three-pointed, one-piece mesh clothing, etc.

5、Condom Series

Many adults buy condoms to protect their private life. This kind of adult products are sold by unmanned vending machines and many adults have the need to use them. Condoms also come in a variety of styles and brands for adults to choose from.

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